Dinner at the Wing Dome, Greenwood

Had a sudden craving for wings (probably watched a korean drama in which they had chicken and beer) and there isn’t really a wing chain around us so we went to Greenwood for this.

Teriyaki and honey mustard wings. We don’t really know how to appreciate buffalo wings (tabasco sauce is too hot and sour for me and when you are brought up on Malay fried chicken, such a flat, two-dimensional flavor profile doesn’t really appeal. This is true of many other Singaporeans, not just me!) Everyone else here was ordering the hot wings though. The honey mustard was pretty good but the teriyaki wings were a little skinny and desiccated and the sauce too garlicky.

Caesar salad with lots of parmesan but not enough dressing.

Their loaded waffle fries which are as good as all loaded waffle fries can be. This was so unhealthy but so delicious

And their cheesy garlic bread was even better

Wing close up :P This place gets really crowded even though it is large, we had to sit at the high tables with bar stools. You can smell the chicken from outside and it did a great job of getting rid of my chicken cravings.


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