Lunch at Canton Noodle House, ID

This is one of the best noodle and dumpling houses in the Seattle area. Their homemade dumplings are amazing and so are the alkaline noodles. You can opt to get the noodles dry (drizzled with oyster sauce) or in soup, depending on the weather. The portions were humongous, Z and I regretted not sharing a single plate and just getting extra dumplings.

Beef noodles (dry) with oyster sauce. Some very tender and flavorful beef brisket here. The yu choy sum was barely seasoned though. I thought there was not enough sauce to mix thoroughly with the noodles.

Wonton noodles with yu choy sum. Again, too dry, but the wontons were great. I imagine the soup versions would be very nice (everyone else around us was eating noodles in soup) but it was a hot day so we just got the dry versions (they serve it with a bowl of soup). The soup is MSG-ey as expected :P

Fried cruller – the you tiao here is too spongey and bready and not at all oily. Not recommended! They do sell frozen dumplings you can bring home though and steam/fry with your own instant noodles.


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