Lunch at the Miller’s Guild, Westlake

The burgers at this place are really good – juicy, well charred on the outside, topped with extra melty, sharp cheddar.  This is a good place for a quick lunch, although the interior of the restaurant is also pretty nice to sit around for a chat/to read a book so we weren’t in a hurry to leave.

Miller's Guild
Cheddar ooze.  Technically the burger is stacked too high to fit into a human maw so I broke it down and cut up the parts separately. The bun was really chewy.

Miller's Guild
Stir fried collards in XO sauce – not sure what I was expecting for the XO sauce but it certainly wasn’t anything like the chinese style XO sauce with dried scallop and shrimp. It had a pretty good wok hei though.

Miller's Guild
The french onion soup was the most dissatisfying, both in terms of complexity of taste and also the tiny little gruyere covered baguette in the middle. Why so stingy with the cheese??

Miller's Guild
A closer look at the fries. The fries were good too – crispy but soft in the middle.

Quite a good burger but if I still prefer 8oz burger over this.


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