Take-out from Kozue, Wallingford

This is another of the many good Japanese places in Wallingford with a really extensive menu. I got Z to take away some of their small plates and sushi for dinner and plated it up myself :P

This is their seared black cod kasuzuke, appetizer portion. Most everything here seems to be done in small plates for sharing.

Inarizushi with pickled ginger

Beef croquettes – they ought to be more generous with the beef, but I don’t think it was expensive.

Tamago sushi, rolled in house! Mejari sushi seems to buy theirs in one artificially orange block which tastes terrible. Dashimaki tamago is not that easy to make.

Stir-fried geoduck in miso butter sauce – this was pretty amazing although the geoduck was a little tough, like a conch. I suppose they are relatively similar, but even conch marinated ceviche style would be more tender than this.

Gyoza – crispy on the bottom with a perfectly translucent skin.

Spicy crab roll – meh. Quite messy to eat.

All together now. This place has reasonable prices and pretty good food (even by our picky standards), I’m sure it would be much better eating it at the restaurant than taking away too. I would probably skip the rolls but order more of their cooked small plates.


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