Dinner at the Guilt Trip, Redmond

We haven’t really eaten at a fancy Indian place here before, most everything in the UDistrict tends to be on the more budget side – Taste of India, Bengal Tiger, Jewel of India – with equally flowery names.  Redmond is probably where it’s at, since MS has so many Indian employees. Walking near Crossroads Mall you’ll see a dramatically different racial shift, and also a disproportionate number of Indian restaurants. This place is really a more Indian fusion type of place which piqued my interest enough to make the drive across the 520 (jk, I’d drive anywhere for food).

Grilled paneer – probably one of the stars of the meal. I’ve had palak paneer but never had it grilled before. It was soft and had a really nice charred taste with the tumeric on the outside and some palak-y sauce drizzled on the side. Would definitely order this again.

ggy’s Chai, served in a cute little urn that he’s asked me to help him look out for when I’m antiquing.

Pani puri – saw this on a “What does your country eat for breakfast” Quora thread and was curious what it would taste like. I liked the airy little bubble crackers but not so much the tamarind-y juice concoction in the shot glasses, which was a little too tart for my taste. Filling it with the chickpea mix on the side was fun though.

Bacon butter chicken – haha we were least impressed by this. I mean, it tastes like a butter chicken (albeit too tomato-ey, as nearly all butter chickens we’ve had over here are), but they were hyping it up as “bacon” flavored butter chicken when all it was was a single strip of bacon laid over the top. The bacon flavor in the sauce itself was not apparent at all. To put it Singaporeanly, if “Bacon xxx” just means xxx with a strip of bacon on the side, like that I also can sell bacon anything what, bacon ice cream, bacon waffle, bacon fried rice…

It was served with a nice crisp poppadom and cucumber raita

Another fusion thing on the menu was the curried fish and chips – where they mixed curry powder into the flour for the fish batter and this was pretty good. Would still have preferred it served with tartar sauce though.

Jelebi for dessert – I had gotten my hopes up to have a lovely bright orange jelebi that shattered with the lightest chomp but this was tough and greasy (a little rancid?) and not at all what I was looking for. If anyone knows where I can find authentic Jelebi in the Seattle area please comment!

One of the best takeaways from this trip – right before going to dinner at the Guilt Trip I made a short stop at the GoodWill next to the Redmond Asian Food Center, and found a matching set of two lovely indigo Le Creuset rectangular baking dishes for less than $10 apiece! And since it’s Le Creuset, they looked totally new. We don’t really have that much bakeware (my husband would disagree) since we have to move back to Singapore at some point and the stuff in my kitchen now would have to go back with us (or be put in storage), so for the past two years we’ve been operating under the idea that our kitchen here is temporary, which means that I haven’t stocked up with any really legit utensils/crockery/pans, but more student budget T-fal type things. So I was really happy to find this! My first Le Creuset pieces, from a GoodWill, no less.


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