Brunch at Dahlia, Belltown

Decided to try the brunch at this place since we love their doughnuts so much. It was pretty pricey and imo not that worth it? Frank’s does a much cheaper and much more delicious brunch.

Of course nobody can beat their fresh doughnuts with mascarpone and marmalade here. You can get this from the adjoining bakery without dining in. It’s a great appetizer! More fulfilling than the doughnuts/beignets we’ve had elsewhere, although Frank’s citrus scented zeppole are a close second.

The eggs benedict with blackforest ham was pretty good, though I’m not sure the rocket goes together. The potatoes were quite fancy but also a little tough and over-fried so they turned out dry and mealy.

Egg porn. I thought the blackforest ham was a little too thick, as was the homemade english muffin. Everything was just unnecessarily chewy.

Omelet with maple bacon. The omelet was beautifully done but the maple bacon was again very tough and chewy, with the overfried potatoes on the side. I expected better of Tom Douglas! Perhaps I had better try his other restaurants. The pastries at Starbucks Reserve are pretty good, and I do like his quiches.


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