Dinner at Goldfish Tavern, Pike Place

Brought C and GG here for dinner on their last night in Seattle. We tend to bring guests to Ethan Stowell restaurants on their last night, since they never disappoint. This place is a collaboration between ESR and the Four Seasons though, so the interior is a little different from his regular restaurants (more spacious) and the food cooked by a larger kitchen (not as good as his other restaurants but still delicious).

Goldfinch Tavern
Smoked salmon crostini – I always get his smoked fish crostini, one would be foolish not to. Depending on the fish the mousse is usually creamy and chunky and perfectly seasoned. I wish he put the recipe in his cookbook, which I have bought.

Goldfinch Tavern
We also got the macrina bread with salted butter and tapenade.  They usually charge for this but their tapenade is really nice. Even better if they offer a bagna cauda (e.g. in Anchovies and Olives).

Goldfinch Tavern
GG got the halibut. I’m not normally a fan of halibut since it’s a tough and fleshy fish, rather different from the tender flaky fish we get in Singapore.

Goldfinch Tavern
Flat iron steak – pretty damn delicious. The surface was absolutely encrusted with spices and black pepper. The fingerling potatoes at the side were a great accompaniment.

Goldfinch Tavern
Seared scallops – this was my dish. With dehydrated salsify, which gave a spicy kick, and spinach, which gave crunch.

Goldfinch Tavern
Duck confit salad for the table. I wouldn’t mind ordering a duck confit that was just by itself with some carbs, but this was a nice combination too; the onions were not too spicy and the almonds were really fresh

Goldfinch Tavern
Spatchcocked chicken, roast and dripping with juice. They probably used the jus to cook the pearl onions and carrots it came with, with some lardons for flavor.

Goldfinch Tavern
Dessert – berries on pastry

Goldfinch Tavern
And a dramatic chocolate/salted caramel terrine. The desserts here are pretty inventive and not your typical NY cheesecake or brownie etc.

We liked how spacious this restaurant was and how much space and quiet there was to have a nice conversation, how easy it was to make reservations, and how it is in the heart of the city so it’s easy to come here after a day of exploring the art museum or Pike Place etc. The food however is noticeably lacking compared to his other restaurants, which are smaller scale and more tightly run operations. Still this is a better place to bring guests because it’s more host-y.


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