Dinner at Mejari Sushi, Wallingford

We came here for dinner because they had a groupon offer, which I am increasingly beginning to realize of most Seattle restaurants on the groupon network, is not a good thing (I.e. many of them are *about* to shutter). Many of the places we’ve tried with groupon have pretty subpar food. In any case, I have stopped buying groupons and now we only go back to places we actually like and try the occasional new restaurant.

Mejari Sushi
Sashimi platter – this wasn’t mindblowing or anything. Average sashimi, similar to what you might get in a grocery store.

Mejari Sushi
The brie tempura was pretty good. This place reminds us of Japonessa, but at a much lower price point. Many of the dishes are very similar.

Mejari Sushi
Snow crab roll – quite packed with crab and avocado although the salsa on top was v. mexican and I’m not sure it goes! The name of the restaurant indicates that it’s a fusion place – amongst Mexican, Japanese, and American cuisines. The best roll we’ve had in Seattle is still at Momiji, which I have not posted about yet but hopefully it will be up at some point!

Mejari Sushi
Clam soup, didn’t expect the spaghetti like noodles inside. Can’t say it was better with them.

Mejari Sushi
Their tamago nigiri was really bad. Don’t order this; it has a strange orange hue and tastes nothing like dashimaki tamago :S Definitely not made in-house.

;Mejari Sushi
Crab soup – like Japonessa’s but much weirder, and again with the noodle that isn’t ramen or somen or even anything remotely inbetween, it was like lomein that you might get in a chinese restaurant soaked in alkali or something. There are much better restaurants on the Wallingford stretch than this!


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