Brunch at Stock, Greenwood

This is a cute little place down in Greenwood that does really good congee. Everything in the neighborhood looks a little hipster, especially the bar across the road.

We got the duck confit banh mi which came with shredded pickled beets and a beautiful duck egg. The duck confit itself wasn’t really crispy, more like a carnitas from Paseo, but we’re not complaining.

Iced coffee – thought it would be more like a Vietnamese iced coffee, but it was really light and milky instead of tan.

Chicken congee with boiled egg. The congee itself is good, and the shichimi and scallions on top were really nice, but the chicken breast had a strange taste to it like the fat was not removed cleanly. Too chickeny. Which may be a good thing to some people but I didn’t fancy it.

Paper poppies at the table

Signboard outside. Oh yeah, it is apparently a farm to table cafe, which may explain why the chicken is very chickeny-smelling :P There aren’t many restaurants in Greenwood we like but I would come back here!


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