Brunch at Skillet, Capitol Hill

This is a great little place for weekend brunch and it’s very bustly. There might be a wait to get a table, and I believe they also have a branch in Ballard although I’m not sure if they do the same things.

Skillet Capitol Hill
The main thing we were here for: pork belly on waffle with poached eggs – the pork belly was perfectly salted and crisp! Like they deep fried it. Very similar to duck confit. I believe you could get your eggs done any way so we got them poached. The waffle was like some kind of cornmeal waffle, Frank’s still does the best waffles imo.

Skillet Capitol Hill
Biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs – not a big fan of this. The biscuit was too large and doughy and there wasn’t enough gravy to go around. The scrambled eggs weren’t buttery and were more rubbery :x The gravy was quite good though and it came with some crisp sage leaves.

Skillet Capitol Hill
House made doughnut holes – these aren’t light or airy at all, and they certainly aren’t really beignets. They’re solid and buttery (tastes like quite a bit of shortening was used) but they do melt in your mouth a little and have a cinnamony taste. Not bad, but extremely filling. We had to take most of it away.


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