Lunch at Yang’s Noodle House, Aurora

This is still one of our favourite places to eat in Aurora when we’re doing groceries at the Asian Food Center. The other is Pop Pop Thai Street Food, which I have not got any pictures of yet.

They have a half portion and a full portion of their honey walnut prawns, which are always freshly fried and doused in sauce. The sauce is a little too mayo-ey and thick, but the freshness of the dish makes it better than what we get at many dimsum places where these prawns go around on carts.

Braised egg – they’ve recently changed their menu so I’m not sure if you can find this still. But I asked them for one and they gave me one :P I love braised eggs and they’re really annoying to cook at home yourself for a household of two.

Seafood sheng mian – one of those dishes we see a lot in Singaporean zhichar restaurants – I think the sauce here is a little different and has less wok hei but they are really generous with the seafood- white fish fillet, sotong, prawns, and scallops. The sauce is a little gingery and like a gravy, and the portion is so humongous we usually take it home, the sauce makes the noodles get soggy, and then they taste like regular noodles in gravy when reheated. It’s like getting two different dishes in one order, or like those mood rings that change color. When the dish first comes out from the kitchen the noodles are not cooked so they’re crispy.

There’s not much in the way of service here – we generally go in and seat ourselves wherever we’d like. The cook and the waitstaff speak chinese to us but they know English, of course.They also provide a pot of hot chinese tea for every table.


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