Dinner at Fort St. George, International District

I had a strong craving for Japanese wafu pasta (which I still haven’t found) but we managed to find this Chinese style-Western food place in the ID that serves things like Hamburg steak and like more Asian-y bolognese.

Fort St. George
Bolognese pasta with salad and fried fish – this is very similar to the kind of western food you see in HK cafes like Xin Wang. I loved it – the bolognese sauce is much sweeter than its American counterpart although the noodles were over cooked.

Fort St. George
Miso soup in a cup – this was pretty average. I mean miso soup is miso soup.

Fort St. George
Hamburger steak with curry sauce – it looks plain but was quite delicious. I guess it’s pretty Asian to eat a burger over rice :P But the combination goes well, especially when it’s doused in Japanese curry. We recently learnt of the burgers at Loretta’s Northwesterner and are excited to go try that soon!


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