Dinner at Fort St. George, International District

I had a strong craving for Japanese wafu pasta (which I still haven’t found) but we managed to find this Chinese style-Western food place in the ID that serves things like Hamburg steak and like more Asian-y bolognese.

Bolognese pasta with salad and fried fish – this is very similar to the kind of western food you see in HK cafes like Xin Wang. I loved it – the bolognese sauce is much sweeter than its American counterpart although the noodles were over cooked.

Miso soup in a cup – this was pretty average. I mean miso soup is miso soup.

Hamburger steak with curry sauce – it looks plain but was quite delicious. I guess it’s pretty Asian to eat a burger over rice :P But the combination goes well, especially when it’s doused in Japanese curry. We recently learnt of the burgers at Loretta’s Northwesterner and are excited to go try that soon!

Doria rice – which was a little on the dry side.

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