Dinner at Girin, International District

One of the earliest meals we had with ZH when he still didn’t have his car and we were doing groceries together at Uwajimaya :D It was a good meal! Well, not mind-blowing but not bad. And I looove the Hanok interior

Yang nyeom chicken wings – basically korean (twice?) fried chicken tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce. The batter was too thick but the sauce was pretty good. And they served it with pickled daikon cubes, just like all the korean fried chicken restaurants in asia!

Some of the banchan:


Marinated tiny anchovies

Dried squid

Potato salad which looks just like a glob but was actually pretty good. I love how their banchan dishes are such rustic ceramic instead of the classic white flat dishes, although I like both this was an interesting change.

Altogether now

Some of the wraps they provided for the bossam – the daikon was sliced impossibly thin and there were perilla leaves and butterhead lettuce; a nice mix compared to the usual mustard lettuce

Pork belly ssam with apple. The grilling was exquisite and it went really nicely with the pickled apple slices. Only complaint is there was rather too little of this compared to what you normally get when you order bossam. That said I think it wasn’t too pricey either so the concept here is to try many different meats rather than just one serving of bossam.

Pork mandoo. The skin was a little too thick, especially where it is doubled up over the edge, but I liked the filling and the vinegary, gochugaru sauce that was drizzled over. The dumplings were also nicely seared.

Dungeness crab japchae – the best of the lot. I’ve only ever had japchae with bulgogi but this was a nice change and still had a good brothy taste (I guess they still use beef broth?) while not being too strong as to overpower the delicate crab meat. Would order this again!

Water feature at entrance. The whole place is so fancy.

Hanok style seating. We were outside the hanok (better lighting) but inside is pretty nice too. I really like the woodwork in the screens.


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