Dinner at Maekawa Bar, ID

I think we pretty much ended up eating here after Fort St. George couldn’t accommodate us. They seem to be owned by the same people, and the building they are in is pretty cruddy but when you get to the upper floor it is absolutely hopping. The food here is pretty good! Different from Fort St. George but of a similar quality.

I was sold on this place because of their mentaiko omu rice in the menu. This was not bad! But I would have preferred the mentaiko to be in a creamier sort of sauce rather than just unceremoniously dumped on the top. Still, for people who have not tried mentaiko (spicy pollock roe) before this, or the Mentaiko udon at Issian is a good introduction.

Tomato and onion salad – Z loved this. Well, he loves anything tomatoes, and we’ve never had them both fresh this way before. He even tried recreating this himself at home :P

Fried potatoes and onions – I think they called it soy buttered potatoes? Or something like that. It was good! Also easy to make yourself at home. All the food here seems more like bar food than anything else, I wonder if they have as extensive a drinks menu. This would be a great place to go after kbox for the 이차.

Or perhaps we just have a natural inclination toward bar food – we also got the takoyaki

and the gyoza. Both were alright, what you would expect for $5-6. But the takoyaki is definitely not as good as the one in the Uwajimaya food centre or at Wann Izakaya.

Still, this is a good, unfussy place to go if you don’t have any reservations in the ID.


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