Restaurant Week at Bramling Cross, Ballard

So this was one of the few Ethan Stowell Restaurants we hadn’t tried and we do love southern fried chicken so of course we had to go! It was a kinda wet day so everything inside was very comforting. The portions are not to be sniffed at, we had to take quite a bit home.

Fried chicken, or I think they call it their “dynamite chicken”? It was goood. Most impressive of this plate was actually the biscuit that came with the chicken. So buttery and tender.

As with most ESR restaurant week menus, the appetizers come in a set of 5 for sharing:

Buffalo oysters.

Caesar salad

Smoked albacore crostini, the best of the lot although I prefer his smoked fish in a mousse.

Pretzel sticks with mustard

Roasted delicata squash

Z got the rock fish, which was pretty tender and a smaller size so we could manage a little better. ZH and GGY both got the fried chicken as well :P And had loads left over.

Vanilla bean panna cotta with some kind of peach compote and meringue crumb

And their always lovely chocolate terrine. I prefer this in mkt. though when they have a nice feuilletine layer at the bottom. But both were lovely. Can’t wait for restaurant week to swing around again in October!

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