Lunch at Salt & Iron, Edmonds WA

The best thing here is without a doubt their herbed fries. They were also participating in Restaurant Week and had a lunch menu, so we headed down one weekday. This whole place has a very quaint Rockport-y, small fishing town vibe with cute shops and an ice-cream parlor.

Burger with jalapenos. Their burgers are so good!

BLT with avocado. They pretty much only do sandwiches for lunch though. Soup + sandwich.

But they had a pretty awesome clam chowder. I’m pretty impressed that such a small town has such a great restaurant.


Cute table decor with a fake morel.

Cinnamon mousse terrine things on oatcakes for dessert.  I loved the torched meringue path and we asked all our friends if they could guess what this was and everyone said something savoury :P I am not a big fan of cinnamon so can’t really comment on this! It was a pretty good restaurant week lunch though I’m sure we’ll be back for more at some point even if it is 30 minutes away.


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