Restaurant Week at Heartwood Provisions, Downtown

This was one of the more expensive restaurant week menus (think it was $44 pp?) and I’m not sure it was worth it. We tried it out with ZH and the guys thought the beef jerky was the most novel thing in the whole meal. I don’t really know why it’s got such good reviews on Yelp/Opentable/Gmaps; I really wanted to like it :S

Sorry the pictures are so wibbly, but the lighting in restaurants here is really terrible. I basically can’t shoot anything once the sun sets. I don’t understand why Americans like to eat in dank and dark alley lighting. If you think this is bad, wait til you get to El Gaucho. I had the biggest shock of my dining life there. They even provide little penlights for you to look at the menu.  I can barely tell what this is now. Any guesses? Think it was pork belly confit with some kind of apple topping. Is it very romantic to not be able to see what your food is?

The house made beef jerky that every one liked. It is quite a bit thicker than regular beef jerky with more of a chew. Also quite asian tasting with a dab of sambal at the side.

Scallops with lots of mustard; too much mustard in fact. I ordered from the a la carte menu since nothing on the SRW menu stood out to me. The scallops were well seared but that black sauce was way too sweet and cloying, like a very concentrated tonkatsu sauce. It makes me wonder if the chef has actually tried this and liked it.

Crudo with graham cracker crumble – rather innovative. The guys liked this.

The desserts here were good though – here’s a Chocolate brownie with a glob of chocolate something that looks like chocolate ice cream but was completely warm. Think it was a mousse of some sort. The dark ovoid is actually chocolate sorbet.

And my s’mores dessert which I loved!

I didn’t take any pictures of the interior but it was really posh and lovely. If anything it is worth it to come here just for the ambience; but at the price point and the way the kitchen and I have very differing ideas about what tastes good (I’m sure other people share their opinion) we won’t be coming back.


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