Lunch at 8oz burger, Ballard

Our second time here, this time with JW in tow- we usually share an 8oz burger – which stands to reason if you think of it as two quarter pounders! Their sides are really fantastic so we usually order quite a lot of it, which means we can fit in less burger.

Egg porn – can’t remember which burger this is, they all have fancy names. Maybe the Market St Burger? Anyway it’s the breakfasty one and their poached egg is on fleek.

Always the nutella matcha shake, although technically the Full Tilt ice cream matcha flavour is really weak.

The burger with poached egg before the yolk was burst.

JW’s Burger with arugula and aioli. You can pick the doneness of your burger here, and the patties tend to be pretty fat and round rather than flat.

IPA onion rings – shatteringly crisp, especially when the batter forms a thinner rather than thicker layer over the onion.

Charred brussels sprouts with cider vinegar – not tart at all and had nice little bacon bits in it. Although I can understand if brussels sprouts is not one’s side of choice – we usually get the truffle fries! They do good brussels sprouts here though. We love it when restaurants char their veggies.


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