Dinner at Hosoonyi, Edmonds WA

We came here after a horrible 1 hr long wait to get on the Kingston-Edmonds ferry and were craving for some nice korean food after a weekend in the Olympic mountains. The original plan was to have bossam at Gilson but it was closed on Sunday (?) so we ended up here for their budaejigae (Korean army stew) instead. Here are some of their banchan:

Woo 12 banchan!! This place is v generous with their banchan.

gamja jorim – marinated potato cubes. My favourite gamja jorim is still at Four Seasons in Ithaca.

Marinated egg

We got a haemulpajeon (seafood pancake) just because seafood pancakes are nice. This one was fluffy and delicious.

And the budaejigae which was freaking enormous we couldn’t finish and had to take about half of it home. I’m not really a big fan of the budaejigae here I don’t feel like they use a very flavorful kimchi for the broth and it is really quite sour where I would like it to be sweeter. Also they don’t seem to chop up their spring onions at all so the whole thing is quite rustic. But the ahjumma here is so nice and ahjumma-ey you can’t resist coming back to be mothered by her :P


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