Breakfast at the Chestnut Cottage, Port Angeles WA

This was one of the highest rated spots for breakfast in Port Angeles so we had to check it out on our last morning here.

I got the eggs benedict with chipotle hollandaise; I love eggs ben with riffs on the hollandaise instead of the regular creamy buttery sort! Even better if they add something spicy like curry or chipotle, makes it really pop. They also served it on a halved croissant which was super decadent, as if the hollandaise was not fattening enough. It was delicious though.

Viennese coffee – I was expecting something smaller with a cuter twirl of whipped cream, like we got at the Cafe Demel in Vienna. I guess it was not to be. They serve all their coffees with a cute little dinosaur egg on the side.

ZH’s super glisteny cinnamon roll with whipped butter on the side. It was huge! We took that away in a doggie bag, there was no way we’d be able to finish it. This came as an accompaniment pastry to his main; I think you can choose between a pastry and toast and the other guys chose toast.

Forest scramble with spinach, bacon, tomato, and cheese. Not much to look at but it was pretty good. Their rosti is also perfectly fried although imperfectly seasoned. Well, one can’t ask for too much. The cottage itself was really quaint (like you were eating in a church dining room) and also similarly filled with older folk. They have a lot of other sweeter breakfast options if that’s your thing but this was pretty much our lunch so we all went for savoury, filling things.


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