Dinner at the Woodfire Grill, Port Angeles WA

This is one of the few restaurants in Port Angeles that has good ratings, although it can be difficult to find – not sure if it is on Gmaps, and it really just looks like someone’s house! There’s a nice grill smell wafting around outside though so you know you’re in the right place. We drove here after romping around in the Hoh Rainforest so the pictures are going to be dark and wibbly.

Rack of ribs – pretty good, although not spectacular or anything. As good as what you might get at Famous Dave’s.

Our favourite dish here, unanimously voted upon – bacon wrapped jalapenos. You know it’s good when the boys start making plans to cook this themselves at home – “It can’t be that hard, it’s just jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon isn’t it? How hard can it be? And then you just stick a little rosemary tree in” Well of course a woodfire grill changes a lot of things.

The seafood platter – kinda meh. Don’t expect their lemon risotto to be a true risotto, it was delicious nonetheless. The salmon was kinda overcooked but the prawns had the aroma from the grill.

Had to have dessert – this was LZ’s birthday meal. We got a berry trifle which was pretty nice although I would have preferred some creme anglais to the whipped cream. And more layers! Still it was cool that you can find a trifle in an actual trifle dish this side of the pond in this tiny little town.


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