Lunch at Puffin on 101, Forks WA

This is a tiny little restaurant off the highway in Forks where there really isn’t much in the way of eats, especially if you are intending to drive into Hoh Rainforest. We drove right by it on the highway, it was that inconspicuous. They do kinda mexican food? It was goood. The main things that stood out were the deep fried dishes and the soup.

Coconut shrimp on a bed of pilaf with coconut chips in it. Very generous portion. You can also see the tables are all coated in a layer of copper pennies and then resin.

Fried calamari with sweet chilli sauce

Spicy chowder – I don’t remember what the main meat in this soup was – chicken? Seafood? But it had a fancy name that warned you of the chillies in it. It was indeed very spicy.

Carnitas over rice – the same pilaf under the shrimp. And the same carnitas  goes into the sandwich that we got – so you can see there are not that many components being prepared here, everything is just sorta mixed and matched into different dishes. I would skip the caribbean pork sandwich we got – although I’m not sure if the inconvenience I underwent to split it into four (we share everything) is clouding my memory of its taste – it definitely wasn’t as good as everything else shown in the post.


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