Dinner at Bao Down, Gastown

After eating at Bao Makers in Singapore this place was rather lacklustre in that the buns that came out weren’t freshly steamed (thus a little hard) and they were filled with very dry things. They should consider using some actual sauces (not just mayonnaise), and perhaps cutting down on the humongous amounts of vegetables. I can’t think of any Asian culture that puts fresh raw vegetables in their mantous.

I mean, look at the mound of carrots on that chicken bao! No wonder everyone complained that it was too dry. The chicken itself is a fried chicken tender (that I think used breast meat) so it wasn’t even juicy.

Their sweet potato fries were good though.

Regular fries with a bunch of sprouts on top. Why. Way to ruin a Kennebec potato.

Lots and lots of baos, mostly done wrong. The guys liked the braised pork belly bao (which makes sense; it’s so fatty the carrots probably go well with it). Also the music here is jarringly loud and Yelp informs that the proprietors will not turn it down no matter how you ask. SO. Be forewarned. No conversation will happen here.


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