Dinner at Pidgin Kitchen, Vancouver

This is a little fusion place in Yaletown that does some great Asian food. We had some hits and misses but overall everything was quite edible.

The charred octopus with feta and taramasalata. I don’t like feta but the octopus was quite tender and had a great smoky taste.

J’s oyster shot with lime granita.

Charred shishito pepper with pinenuts and parmesan – one of the hits here. The boys loved it. Well, many people haven’t had shishito before and I think this was J’s first time so they are always pleasantly surprised how sweet it is. I like that they jazzed it up with pine nuts too, most places just serve it charred with oil and seasalt.

Fried cauliflower with slivered almonds and green beans. This was a little greasy and I was hoping for the cauliflower inside to be creamy but it wasn’t quite fried enough. This was Z’s choice – he always likes ordering veggie dishes.

Sauced chicken wings – a little too much breading and the sauce wasn’t quite like the korean yang nyeom sauce, more like American BBQ sauce, but it was alright. Nothing special.

Trumpet mushrooms with ajitama – we loved this! J doesn’t eat mushrooms so we had it all to ourselves :D

Shredded potato with nori and mentaiko – another miss. The potato was barely cooked (which I think was the concept but I don’t really like raw-ish potato) and the sesame taste was really strong

Duck leg with choy sum – the best dish we had. The table next to us even commented that they must’ve ordered the wrong duck :P The choy sum was perfect, just like we have at chinese restaurants in Singapore for wedding dinners – braised perfectly. And the duck leg was so tender and went so well with the braising sauce. 5/5.

Matcha parfait with sesame seed crackling – could have skipped dessert! Now that I’m writing the review it looks like a hell lot of food :P No idea how we managed to squash it all down. Matcha parfaits always sound cool but end up being not as nice as matcha ice cream.


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