Desserts at Starbucks Reserve, Capitol Hill

A small bite while meeting L and her husband here. The good part about living in Seattle (as opposed to Ithaca) is lots of your friends from home come here to find you, instead of vice versa. The desserts at this Starbucks reserve are catered by Tom Douglas so are quite spectacular. The coffee here is also better than at a regular Starbucks, unsurprisingly.

Key lime tart with beautiful ribbon of meringue – this was great, with a nice buttery grahamy crust and a perfect crust to custard ratio.

The butternut squash quiche was one of the best quiches I’ve had in the US yet, and I don’t even like feta. The crust on this quiche was also amazingly buttery and flaky. I’d gladly buy an entire quiche lorraine or something more normal from his bakery.

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