Brunch at Tanakasan, Belltown

This place is a little pricey for dinner given the food (which is hit and miss) but more reasonable as a brunch place! Their brunch is pretty good too

I got the karaage chicken on a bubble waffle which was a really nice spin off the chicken and waffle. It came drizzled with chilli oil and honey and kewpie and scallions and was quite perfect, almost like a jian bing. The bubble waffle was really light and airy; I actually prefer this to the belgian one except that it doesn’t sop up too much maple syrup

We got wontons in broth for the table; they were pretty average, just like regular wontons you’d get in Singapore (but bigger), and filled with pork and shrimp. The broth was a little on the fishy side though.

Vegetable/pea croquettes that someone else wanted but I didn’t super fancy. I mean it’s crispy and a little puffed like rice crispies but would be better with some sort of sriracha mayo dip or something.

Breakfast bento – this is really nice! Especially with the spam option :P I think you can pick from three different kinds of meat. It comes with a sunny side up and some really nice, soft, steamed mantous (on the bottom right) that they (bizarrely) put marmalade on. We really like their steamed buns! They should serve that at regular meal times with braised pork belly.

Salt and pepper tofu congee – the congee was nice and smooth, especially with the fried dough cruller but the salt and pepper tofu wasn’t salty enough to flavor the porridge.

Matcha mousse with white chocolate – Kind of a messy dessert but it was alright. I wouldn’t have paired whipped cream with a mousse that is that light – it was just like cream on cream and a little strange but the matcha flavour did come through and went nicely with the candied pecans.


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