Dinner at Kisaku, Wallingford

The best thing on the menu here is the sake marinated black cod, and second, the agedashi tofu. We order both all the time here! They are quite generous with the black cod (well, the entree is $26 and the appetizer portion is a little cheaper)

The agedashi tofu appetizer is pretty huge – four large cubes of soft tofu deep fried and served with dashi, bonito, and grated radish. This is probably the only place here I know that serves it with silken tofu and not medium firm tofu, which I imagine is harder to deep fry.

The potato salad and assorted house salad they serve with the entrees is really nice! I think it’s just a basic japanese sesame type salad dressing but they probably make it themselves – it’s both sweet and tart and slightly orange.

The entrees also come with a miso soup

Their tamago sushi is pretty legit, although I’ve stopped ordering this from restaurants after learning how to make it myself.

New style sashimi – The guys said they’d skip this next time! Just order the regular sashimi. This is a little nobu style like a cross between a ceviche and regular sashimi, only sliced thin.

The amazing black cod – they give you two rather fat pieces and it goes perfectly with steamed rice and miso soup. It’s flaky and tender and oily. The skin could be crispier but the cod is otherwise perfect.

Mixed tempura – their tempura is also very good; not too greasy and has a very light batter. They also serve it with tentsuyu which doesn’t have grated radish in it.

Japanese cheese cake – idk how this was but it looked light and fluffy. The waiter said they make all of their desserts (except probably the mochi and ice cream) in house and the one thing that distinguishes them from most Japanese restaurants in Seattle is their desserts. I’d disagree- their desserts are pretty amazing but the food here is quite unlike most Japanese restaurants! They do simple stuff but they do it well.

Sweet potato spring roll – I always get this here. The combination with the whipped cream and azuki beans is out of this world. More people should serve sweet potato spring rolls! They also use the right spring roll wrapper which is light and phyllo-like.

Flowers on the table – kinda like chick fil-a :P

Reservations are highly recommended – after all, they are on OpenTable and I usually see people waiting for a seat at the door when I go. Even though they are kind of on a quiet street in a residential neighborhood you’d be surprised how many people they can draw. Opposite is Ethan Stowell’s Mkt. which also has amazing food, much better than the typical restaurants on the Wallingford stretch of 45th. The people in this neighborhood are very lucky!

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