Brunch at the Hi Spot

There are still so many brunch places in Seattle we have yet to try and this place had an Eggs Benedict with a spiced hollandaise sauce so we decided to check it out. It’s also in Madrona, a neighborhood we’d never been in despite having lived here for 3 yrs.

My Bengal Benedict – curry flavoured hollandaise. This was great! Even better than the chipotle flavoured hollandaise at Chestnut Cottage. Curry and eggs is one of my favourite combinations, I wish more places carried it! Maybe instead of ham they could put some chicken tikka below the poached eggs :P But the spiced potato hash did suffice.

Huevos rancheros scramble – Scrambles are rarely photogenic :S but this was pretty good. They seem to like making fusion versions of typical breakfast dishes.

Egg gratin – not bad, but nothing really special. There seemed to be a lot of potato in this

Small peek at the menu. We sat outside in this nice porch like area with lots of greenery (and also lots of sun) and it was all lovely and summery. They also have indoor seating but everything is rather compact/cosy.


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