Lunch at the Belle Epicurean, Madison

We’ve always driven past this place en route to Nishino and finally decided to try their pastries for lunch one day. Their croissants and French style tarts and danishes are all quite good, although I would give the buches a miss.

Big mug of hot chocolate to wash everything down

Some of the pastries we got for lunch, plus a decent cream of mushroom soup

Their ham and cheese croissant sandwich was particularly good toasted

Quiche Lorraine with nicely browned cheese. The pastry itself was buttery and flaky.

Belle Epicurean interior: They also carry a very nicely curated selection of  preserves and chocolates and scone mixes and olive oils, perfect for your next house party. We’ve tried their lavender scone mix and it was quite idiot proof and flaky. Their arbequina olive oil is also a great hostess gift.

Very bright and airy seating with old fashioned wooden chairs, just like a French bistro

Macaron tower and cake display – they have a huge variety of complicated sounding layer cakes that are likely equally complicated to make.

Matcha buche – we just had to try it of course. The matcha flavour was not very pronounced.

Rose buche with orange cream. The cream used in frosting and inside the cake were both too sweet for our palate. If you like regular grocery store cakes, you might like this. The rose flavour was also not very apparent.


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