Lunch at the Burgundian, Wallingford

Be forewarned: This place is quite a stickler about ID and they wouldn’t accept my non-state ID so I had to bring my passport (even if I did not order a drink). It seems the entire restaurant’s seating area is considered bar seating, so always have your state ID on you.

Their chicken and waffle with gravy was really good! Generous serving of chicken and apart from the usual maple syrup they also served it with a pink sauce that tasted like apple butter. I didn’t read the menu all that carefully, all we saw was ‘chicken and waffles’ and there was no need to read any further.

We also got a portion of their poutine and it was a really huge portion we had to pack most of it back. It was nice and soggy with gravy (most people don’t like soggy fries, I hear) and the cheese was melty instead of in curd form – not sure why we can’t seem to get something more similar to what we have up north but we like curdy cheese and melty cheese equally so no complaints from us here.

This place is also airy and filled with light and fresh flowers.

The extensive bar

They have a pretty nice sign in the window which I daresay looks way more obvious from the inside than the outside. The whole place is furnished with pretty dark wood so the sign probably doesn’t stand out a whole lot. Still, there aren’t a whole lot of restaurants in this area so you can’t miss it! Definitely try the chicken and waffles! It’s nice that it’s available for lunch most days and not just for brunch. Iirc most of their other menu items were like burgers and typical pub food so if you’re that way inclined, this might be a good place to check out.

One thought on “Lunch at the Burgundian, Wallingford

  1. Once again I had to Google this since you didn’t include a hyperlink or the address of 2253 North 56th Street. You could also say it is located in Tangletown near Zoka Coffee and Elysian Brewery. Yikes, good thing that you have a passport; they would not accept out-of-state ID???

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