Lunch at 8oz burger, Ballard

Back at our favourite burger place:

The Madison burger. Look at that cheese glisten! The patties are kinda large (well, half a pound) so we usually share a burger here.

Their garlic fries with truffle oil are pretty amazing, but you have to like the fake truffle scent in truffle oil :P Better when copious amounts of minced garlic are scattered about the top.

Our nutella matcha shakes with full tilt ice cream – actually just one shake that they kindly split into two for us. The matcha flavour is not real strong.

IPA battered onion rings – the batter even looks crispy from the photo, like it would shatter with a single bite

Interior of 8oz. It’s usually brightly lit because of the full length windows. They have a lot of cocktails and beers etc. which we have never tried because we don’t really like alcohol but I think they are probably as known for their bar as they are for their burgers.

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