Dinner at Summer Palace, Nassau

Suddenly had a lone dinner spot by ourselves without the Scribers so we decided to check out one of the posher looking chinese restaurants on the island (part of the Hilton, if I’m not wrong). The interior of summer palace is really orientally done up with lots of carved rosewood and lanterns and a very modern decor.

We ordered a half Peking duck, which they carved right by our table! The peking duck was actually pretty darn legit, we were impressed. We don’t even get as good peking duck in Seattle. The skin was really crispy although the layer of fat underneath was rather thick.

Chef slicing the duck up.

Served with thin rice pancakes, the white part of the green onion, julienned cucumber, and hoisin sauce. This was so good we hadn’t had it for so long!

The condiments.

Second preparation, stir fried with onion – I would have preferred it fried into noodle form or fried in a san choy pau (my favourite second preparation in SG) but this was not bad. A little too greasy though, you could see the oil dripping off.

Scallop and celery in XO sauce – actually quite like the real deal. The XO sauce was pretty good, even if there was too little of it. Also too little scallops, considering this dish ran something like $38.

Restaurant interior – see the beautiful wood panelling and the cute porcelain urn seats. The service was mad slow though and they have a strange thing about not seating you first until the table is absolutely ready (with filled water glasses and cutlery all set down) and when the precise server is ready to seat you. Even if 90% of the seats are empty it could take 25 minutes for you to be seated just because service is so slow. It was crazy! Once we ordered everything was pretty quick but waiting ages for a seat when the restaurant is empty is not my idea of a great evening.


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