Lunch at Oh Andros, Arawak Cay

This place has humongous portions. Make sure you share! Each full plate probably feeds 2 people and maybe more. They do not stinge on the carbs! We ordered 2 plates and what I thought was a jerk chicken wing appetizer but which came with its own sides. We never finished!

Fried garoupa over peas and rice with coleslaw – the garoupa is flaky and tender and the batter was perfect, like most other garoupa fingers in Nassau. I have no idea why we don’t have garoupa fingers in the US. Garoupa is an amazing fish! Does it not visit non-tropical water? Each garoupa also tends to weigh a ton so lots of flesh can be extracted for fish fingers etc. and it is totally non fishy smelling.

My chicken wings with huge side of

chips. Nearly all the chicken wings we had here were also really good – the chicken is typically lightly marinated and then BBQ-ed so it doesn’t have any batter or crust, like in southern fried chicken. The skin itself forms a nice thin brown crust like in a rotisserie chicken.

Z’s and my grilled garoupa with mac and cheese – we got a little sick of all the deep fried food after awhile and soon started ordering grilled and steamed fish. Because we were here during public holidays we also ate a lot at fast food restaurants when we couldn’t be fussed to look for somewhere good. The food here is really good though – definitely worth the trip to Arawak Cay. Most of the restaurants on Arawak Cay are pretty good, but definitely Oh Andros stands out, as well as Drifters. You just have to follow your nose! I bet they do a great conch salad too but we hadn’t much appetite left to try that.

Rich’s fried garoupa fingers with plantain. The plantains here were also pretty well done and very lightly battered. The peas and rice were like all other peas and rice on this island!


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