Lunch at Lukka Kairi, Nassau

This place has the best conch fritters on Nassau, and probably the whole world. They’re a little on the spicy side though, both intrinsically and the sauce adds some heat, so they’re not for people who can’t take spice. But they are so good! Springy, chewy, with very little filler/flour. Not much batter too, so I have no idea how they make it so nice and golden. Basically every single conch fritter we had after this was a disappointment.

C&R’s pork loin – another amazing dish. We liked it so much I even tried to recreate it at home – that red oily sauce around the base is not that easy to make.

Our steamed fish with plantain – less astounding than the pork loin. The fish wasn’t real tender despite being steamed (oversteamed?) and it generally had very little flavour. Just stick with the fried next time! We were getting a wee bit tired of all the deep fried grouper which was why we got the steamed fish.

Lobster roll – definitely not New England style – not sure what this is but it wasn’t as good or buttery. The dressing was more tart.

Creamed asparagus with egg – Don’t see this all that often, think it’s sort of an old-time dish. C said R’s first wife used to make it for him :P so that was probably in the 60s? I liked it! The asparagus was charred just right. Not shown: Lukka Kairi’s peas and rice which were also the best I had on the island and have no idea how to recreate it. It had a very nice, earthy taste, as if it were steamed with some kinda leaf. Chinese dumplings (wrapped in bamboo leaves) have a similar taste.

They were one of the few places open on a public holiday – the rest of the island pretty much shuts down. The food can be a little pricey (since it is in the heart of downtown Nassau which is pretty touristy) but it was so good! Definitely the best restaurant we ate at on Nassau. It’s also highly rated on TripAdvisor.


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