Dinner at the Social House, Cable Beach, Nassau

After all the fried and “western” food, we were craving something asian, so we came here. This is a little japanese fusion joint near cable beach (which was near our airbnbs)

The avocado sushi roll – not bad. C and R refused to try any though :P

My black cod with jalapeno – generally if a restaurant offers black cod, I’ll order it. It is only my favourite fish – no idea how they managed to source that here! It was perfectly flaky and the jalapenos were an interesting touch – one does not normally see black cod paired with it.

C’s roasted vegetables – a humongous platter. We were not expecting this much. This could feed an army.

Charred shishitos we ordered for them to try but I don’t recall if they took any. If I recall the stats are something like only one out of ten are spicy :P They are not a real spicy pepper and can be quite flavourful charred, which is pretty much the only way to do them.

C’s tempura platter – simply enormous too. We all pitched in :P What are friends for, amirite?


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