Lunch at Bahamian Cookin’, Nassau

One of the must-do tours on Tripadvisor for Nassau was this food tour, (they have lots of others, if your thing is history, or snorkeling, or whatever) and on their website they pretty much tell you where all the stations are :P So we did a pirated version of it for C and R, and spread out over our week there. No need to squeeze all the feasting into one day! And their appetites aren’t really large. This was the first stop!

Cracked lobster. It was delicious. C compared it with her cracked conch and apparently the differences are pretty subtle :P I think the lobster was a little overdone, which would definitely make it taste more conch-like.

BBQ Ribs – these were pretty affordable. I think $12? or $14? at the most. With all those sides! This place is pretty generous. Not as much as Oh Andros but more than enough to fill ya.

Z finally got his conch salad! The more senior folks gave it a go and couldn’t tell tt the conch was raw :P I tried it too and could see the appeal. They were pretty generous with the conch chunks.

Gombay punch is a kind of Bahamian soda that is essentially pineapple flavoured and pretty nice!

The food here is pretty cheap and quite good, in particular I think it caters quite a lot to the American palate. It is a little tucked away but worth the hunt for. Service might be a little slow but everything should be worth the wait.


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