Lunch at Goodfellow Farms, Nassau

This place is so out of the way but has really good food! And some fresh produce. Sure, the produce might be overpriced (especially for imported things, I think the vegetables they grow on the farm are still rather reasonable) and you get to see the plants growing in their neat little rows and look at the random animals wandering about.

The grilled garoupa was super. It was soft and flaky and had the perfect tomato compote with capers piled on top of it. Served with basmati rice and greens grown on the farm.

The pesto penne with sausage was slightly less spectacular since the pasta was overcooked. But still, it’s rare to get a pesto dish on this island.

C and R got the crab bisque, which was a little spicy but very sweet and balanced with corn kernels. The grilled halloumi sandwich was also pretty awesome. I have no idea where they are getting crab and halloumi from but it was all very good. This was some of the best food we had on Nassau! You can check if they are open before making the visit by sending a facebook message.


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