Lunch at Blue Sail, Cable Beach, Nassau

This place has a pretty good view and not much else. The food here was really uninspiring and badly done. But the view, oh the view.

My crab cake fritters – a little small, served with calypso sauce. Which is some sort of fruity thousand islandy aioli thing. I honestly have no idea what it is but it was quite nice.

Tuna salad sandwich – the baguette could break your teeth; the bread was so hard! I have no idea how any of their sandwiches sell. The fries that came with it were also cold.

The fried fish was quite nice if overfried and terribly salty in some parts. But this was our first experience with peas and rice and it was good. Some of the leaves in the salad were a little wilty and dark green so we were kinda wary of it.

In sum, don’t come here to eat! Maybe for some drinks (they have a bar) and finger food, or order some of the deep fried items (if any). They also do pizza, if I recall correctly.


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