Dinner at Mercato, Ithaca

This restaurant was new to us (i.e. it wasn’t around when we graduated in 2012) but I believe it’s owned by someone who also owns a few other restaurants in the area. I feel like the restaurant it took over was called Blue Stone Seafood or something like that.

C got the scallops, which were nicely seared but had some sort of fried shredded cabbage underneath which I felt didn’t really go.

The parchment fish was delicate and quite delightful.  Served with fingerling potatoes.

Flat iron steak with extremely well seasoned shoestring fries. R loved his steak and made us all have a piece. This was served with brussels sprouts.

Chicken Marsala – which I really liked! Again with the same cabbage slaw and roasted herbed potatoes. The mushroom sauce was pretty good.

More scallops – they were seared quite nicely but didn’t really have a crispy salty crust. But they also weren’t overdone considering how brown they are.

Chocolate pot de creme that we all fought over. This was a little denser than mine (ha) but not bad. I liked the chocolate pearl touch. Rather large for a single person I think!


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