Lunch at Rn74, Seattle

Here for restaurant week – we ate at one of Michael Mina’s restaurants in San Francisco (with the same name actually) and loved it so much, so we decided to check this out too.

The duck confit was lovely and perfectly crisp and salty, over a bed of pea risotto

We weren’t a fan of the cod and chips though. The fish was weirdly breaded – look at all the white bits showing through! Nosh does a much better job.

Split pea soup which I loved, lardons and all. It was very smooth and silky and bacony. All good things. And served in such a cute little tureen.

The country pate with a somewhat rustic loaf of bread. I guess the ‘countriness’ comes from the pate being kind of coarse with big chunks of meat? It was mainly pork, I think? I prefer rillettes to this, which was more gelatinous and not quite creamy enough.

The beignets with a shocking red sauce. Not bad! Not as good as those at Dahlia bakery but not bad at all.

The chocolate eclair was weird, as if the chocolate coating was magic shell. I prefer eclairs with a more glossy ganache type topping.

The restaurant itself is quite fun to dine in, rather steam punky, and the napkins all come with a little red ticket tag tied around it that my husband loves. I bet he’s got them squirreled away somewhere in his desk.

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