Lunch at Sichuanese Cuisine, Redmond

This is one of our favourite chinese restaurants here, although of late the kitchen standards have been a little hit or miss.

I only recently discovered their spicy Mandarin fish, which we usually alternate between with their chongqing spicy chicken, which is also quite good. The ID location is miles better than the Redmond location too. The sauce here on the Mandarin fish was a little too starchy.

Chive omelet – Quite standard fare and can be cooked yourself at home. I don’t know why I don’t but keep ordering it here :P

Stirfried tofu and pork – this dish is so much better in the ID location – it’s thin strips of lean pork sauteed with tofu in some kind of brown sauce with lots of chili flakes, but it’s not really spicy in and of itself either. The ID version of this has more sauce (or maybe just oil :P) coating each strip, and is not as dry as it looks here.

A lot of people seem to come here for their water cooked fish (which is actually oil cooked) and also their dumplings, so they might be worth a shot.

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