Dinner at Tanakasan, Belltown

Came here during restaurant week. I think the fusion food here is getting further away from what I’m looking for in a nice Asian-y meal out. Most of the stuff they do I can make myself at home with little effort, especially things like rice bowls.

Kimchi cheese dumplings drizzled with some chilli honey. Okay these were pretty nice and novel, in a crab rangoon meets kimchi kind of way. They were also fresh and crispy.

Chicken katsu rice bowl with some kind of sriracha-ey sauce which was too tart and the gamey chicken taste was not removed.

Pine nut and brussel sprout salad (Z’s)

Grilled salmon rice bowl – the salmon was overcooked and dry. The cucumber pickles were really nice though.

Matcha custard dessert – I liked this!

Mochi and kabocha dessert – this was really quite novel, they bruleed the square of mochi so it became like a really chewy marshmallow. Points for originality. The brittle was also really good.

Int 1, rather posh, like a hotel lobby.

Int 2 – pumpkin season!

One of the main things we like about this place is the stationery/magazine shop adjoining the cafe and the succulent/plant shop next to the small grocery store :P The planters here are really pretty and the stationery shop carries really lovely greeting cards.

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