Dinner Buffet at 10 @ Claymore (closed)

I don’t know if I’m just really bad at choosing restaurants since there are so many restaurants on this blog that have closed >< – Tray Kitchen, L’oeuf, Fu Man Kitchen, the Fishmonger’s Market… But yeah this place has closed since. I wanted to come here because they had a lobster and prime rib buffet for $80/pax which I thought was quite reasonable.

Ondeh ondeh that matches the cover of the book I’m reading.

Prime rib and potatoes – this was really nice; not as good as Lawry’s, but I wouldn’t expect it to be at this price point.

Lobster claws, sambal prawns, smoked duck

Garlic butter lobster – the lobster was also actually underwhelming.

Z’s oysters

Little bowl of laksa – this was one of the things I enjoyed the most here and went back for seconds. Their carbs were all really good.

Nutella banana crepe

Some lychee in syrup dessert that was really refreshing after we’d stuffed our faces.

I probably wouldn’t return here, so it’s just as well they closed. I was just curious since there was such a good deal on lobster and prime rib. But the lobster wasn’t even prepared tastily, which is such a waste of lobster. Our supermarket here currently has a $5.97 offer on cooked dungeness crab (I think it’s $6 each) which is such a good deal. Time to make crabcakes!

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