Dinner at Hakkasan NY

This is the best chinese restaurant we’ve eaten in in the US. It’s more similar to the kinds of chinese restaurants we get back in Sg – upscale, clean, pricey, with immaculately coiffed (not necessarily polite) waitstaff, a plethora of teas on the menu, and nothing at all like what people here seem to understand as Chinese food. The things here take finesse to prepare and that’s exactly what you’re paying for. This wasn’t our first time at a Hakkasan (we’ve eaten at both Yauatcha and Hakkasan Mayfair in London) but from what I know of it of course I opted for this as our last dinner location to wrap up our road trip.

Cute little pumpkin dumplings, which we also got at Yauatcha while having yum cha with Becks in London.

The bar where we waited for the longest time for our seat – ok so the people here are not terribly organized. There were plenty of tables available, but they told us to go to the bar to wait and so we did. And we were stuck there for the longest time before one of us got up to do something about it, after which we were swiftly seated. Don’t really understand what happened back there.

The whole place is super swanky

Peking duck – this was amazing!

Glazed and fried fish – also amazing! I haven’t had any fish like this here before – where the batter is shatteringly light and nearly non-existent, just enough to allow the marinade to give a bit of crisp. Most places batter their fish really thickly and then toss it in a sweet and sour sauce which makes the batter go a bit soggy.

Stir-fried long beans in XO sauce – not bad at all

Hakka fried rice which I really liked, despite the okra. I had no idea Hakka cuisine had a particular kind of fried rice – we do get quite a lot of Hakka foods in Singapore and in fact were dining here with Jw who is part Hakka iirc but none of us had heard of Hakka fried rice. When we think of Hakka food we normally think of thunder tea rice and stir fried abacus seeds. The tableware here is also really fancy (all dark purple asymmetric pottery) and suits the vibe of the entire place. It so happened that the apartment we were crashing was walking distance of here! It’s kinda expensive though otherwise we’d have eaten here every night.

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