Afternoon tea at the Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

This was a cute little tearoom (which extended quite a bit inside), filled with light and paneled with windows that overlooked several extremely picturesque parts of the Butchart gardens. Our particular window gave us a view of the nicely manicured Italian garden with hedges of pansies and fountains. We got 3 afternoon tea sets and an entree to share.

Salmon wellington with.. a dill bearnaise? The salmon inside was tender and the marinated vegetables complemented the creamy sauce.

Savoury platter – I wasn’t too impressed by these tbh; I’ve never seen a pinwheel sandwich in the UK. Or pigs in a blanket. But perhaps this is a regional variation. I’m also not terribly fond of rye and found a lot of the bread they used to make their finger sandwiches a little too tough.

Macarons and other sweets – largely too sweet, which I suppose some may say is the point. But there was generally very little finesse in the construction of their desserts (which you might be able to tell from the look of the buttercream). I liked the little boxes of chocolates they included for us to bring home (like a proper 3 michelin starred restaurant :P), however my mum ate ALL OF THEM! So I have no idea whether they were nice or not. The scones were served with some kind of whipped cream/whipped butter :OOO which was ridiculous given how much the afternoon tea set cost (not that I remember, but I’m pretty sure it was pricy). They sell bottles of clotted cream and devonshire cream in the Park Royal Loblaws in Vancouver (or used to), so they should have access in Victoria as well.

Trifle – this was one of the best things, actually. It’s been a really long time since we’ve had a traditional English trifle. They pretty much had to make every part of this from scratch (instead of sourcing from some external bakery) and the custard was pretty good.

If you come to the Butchart Gardens the tea room is worth a visit, if only for the ambience and not particularly for the food. I wanted my parents and grandma to experience a proper English afternoon tea and I guess they kinda did! They never knew what clotted cream was anyway so they aren’t missing much.

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