Lunch at Regent Bakery & Cafe, Cap Hill

We usually only get cakes and occasional pastries from this place but didn’t want to travel too far for dim sum, and wanted to try somewhere other than Bamboo Village, which is why we ended up here. The dim sum in Seattle can be all considered to be averagely good or averagely bad, depending on where you’re coming from :P After moving back to Singapore we are spoilt for choice and quality.

Quintessential American Chinese dish. This was a little better than the walnut prawns at Yang’s Noodle House. The sauce here is goopy and mayo-ey but the walnuts are pretty crisp.

Bubble tea – eh. I quite like the bubble tea in the Crossroads food court actually.

Really fat to bursting siew mai. I prefer the pork inside to be more finely minced so you don’t have to chew through any weird tendons.

Crystal and chive dumplings – really fat ones too. They were crisp on the top because of being griddled with a layer of sesame seeds. Quite nice, but pretty greasy.

Radish cake – pretty soft and filled with umami from the dried shrimp and scallop. This was great reheated too or just pan fried with eggs.

Furong eggs – I still don’t quite understand what they are or what they bring to the table. Have never seen anything like this in Asia – an omelette covering a pile of chop suey (or mixed into the omelette), itself doused in a goopy brown gravy. Furong eggs here are vastly different, come with no gravy, but lots of wok hei. These were skippable but Z liked them.

Overall, I think Bamboo Village is still the better restaurant. It has more dim sum options and possibly friendlier prices. But the place is dingier and feels grimier whereas Regent is a slightly more upscale location with updated decor.

To see some of Regent’s asian style cakes (which are not bad), see here.

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