I am currently working in a research lab in Singapore. When I am not in my cubicle doodling and doing crosswords, I am surfing the Serious Eats websites ogling at all the food the editorial team manage to scarf in one day and looking for new recipes to try. My friends and family are cheerful guinea pigs to my culinary exploits, and no one has suffered any (serious) harm so far.

I am currently a grad student at UW in Seattle. While choosing a graduate school my fiance and I naturally scoped out the restaurants and produce in the locale of our choices, and decided on UW because

  • The live dungeness crabs in Seattle are only $11.99/lb. This is really quite important since a single dungeness crab at The Cajun Kings in Singapore costs $90, which is exorbitant.
  • There is a Din Tai Fung here, which means a ready supply of good xlb! I was really depressed when I did my undergrad in the totally ulu 鸟不生蛋 Ithaca, which has ZERO restaurants carrying xlb. No good xlbs, no bad xlbs, just a big xlb vacuum, is what I remember Ithaca for.
  • I suppose I should also include that the graduate program for our area of research interest is rather commendable and has a large department.
    We are really happy to have moved to Seattle, with its huge restaurant and happy hour culture, (We’re really here for grad school! Honest!) but that also means that this blog’s content will now feature reviews of restaurants in Seattle and its greater environs instead of reviews of restaurants in Singapore.

    My culinary idol is the Pioneer Woman. I also rather like Nigella Lawson, Dorie Greenspan, and Pierre Herme. My mother is an excellent cook, and everything I make is derivative.

    If you would like to use any of the content here, you just have to ask. Most of my photos are available in full resolution under the Creative Commons License on my flickr page.


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    1. Hi there! Love reading your blog and was hoping to ask you a couple of questions via email. Could you send me a note at the email address I’ve provided? Thank you!

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